The importance of packaging

With the increased importance placed on self-service marketing, the role of packaging is becoming quite significant.
For example, in a typical supermarket a shopper passes about 600 items per minute, or one item every tenth of a second.
So it is imperative that your product packaging stands out from the competitors.

Considering the importance placed on the package, it is not surprising that a great deal of research is spent on motivational research, colour testing, psychological manipulation, and so forth, in order to ascertain how the majority of consumers will react to a new package.

Based on the results of this research, past experience, and the current and anticipated decisions of competitors, the marketer will initially determine the primary role of the package relative to the product.

Should it include quality, safety, distinction, affordability, convenience, or aesthetic beauty?

The answer really is all of the above. We aim to provide an analysis on competitor packaging enabling is to create beautiful and commercially sound designs that help your product fly off the shelves.
  1. Elgento Omelette Maker
    Elgento Omelette Maker
  2. iTek Action Tracker
    iTek Action Tracker
  3. Signature Travel Iron
    Signature Travel Iron
  4. Tower Colour Changing Kettle
    Tower Colour Changing Kettle
  5. Warmlite Fan Heater
    Warmlite Fan Heater
  6. iTek VR Goggles
    iTek VR Goggles
  7. AKAI Portable Radio
    AKAI Portable Radio
  8. item Big Button Phone
    item Big Button Phone
  9. AKAI Bluetooth Headphones
    AKAI Bluetooth Headphones
  10. Admiral Car-Cam
    Admiral Car-Cam
  11. AKAI DVD Player
    AKAI DVD Player
  12. iTek Car-Cam FSDU
    iTek Car-Cam FSDU
  13. Warmlite Hot Ash Vacuum
    Warmlite Hot Ash Vacuum
  14. iTek Multifunction Fan
    iTek Multifunction Fan
  15. iTek Mini Man Speaker
    iTek Mini Man Speaker
  16. iTek Mini Capsule Speaker
    iTek Mini Capsule Speaker
  17. iTek Mini Brick Speaker
    iTek Mini Brick Speaker
  18. iTek Slimline Car-Cam
    iTek Slimline Car-Cam
  19. item LED Cube Speaker
    item LED Cube Speaker
  20. iTek Combo Pack
    iTek Combo Pack
  21. AKAI Noise Isolating Earphones
    AKAI Noise Isolating Earphones
  22. AKAI Multimedia System
    AKAI Multimedia System
  23. PIFCO Clothes Dryer
    PIFCO Clothes Dryer
  24. Vibes by AKAI LED Speaker Tower
    Vibes by AKAI LED Speaker Tower
  25. PIFCO Stove Fire
    PIFCO Stove Fire
  26. AKAI Bluetooth Headphones
    AKAI Bluetooth Headphones
  27. AA Car-Cam
    AA Car-Cam
  28. iTek Flex Earphones Pink
    iTek Flex Earphones Pink
  29. iTek Flex Earphones Purple
    iTek Flex Earphones Purple
  30. iTek Flex Earphones Red
    iTek Flex Earphones Red
  31. iTek Flex Earphones FSDU
    iTek Flex Earphones FSDU
  32. iTek Hook Earphones
    iTek Hook Earphones
  33. AKAI Ladies Earphones
    AKAI Ladies Earphones
  34. iTek Flex Earphones Blue
    iTek Flex Earphones Blue
  35. AKAI Mens Sports Earphones
    AKAI Mens Sports Earphones
  36. Signature Soap Dispenser
    Signature Soap Dispenser