We are…

…a creative agency specialising in packaging and instruction manual design for the import industry.

…working for some of the largest importers of licensed brands of out of China.

…fab deliverers of design that's on time, every time.

…an agency with a wealth of knowledge of the ups and downs of dealing with China factories.


How your packaging looks is extremely important. It's basically what sells your products. So it's crucial to get it right! Our clients have entrusted us to look after some pretty cool brands. Thank you!

Packaging Mock-ups

Our client base tend to show their wares at the big trade fairs, so they need packaging mock ups that are extremely close to what the finished article would be like. We have a fantastic partnership with a prototype manufacturer that can do just that!

Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals are such an important part of the pack. They are full of legislative content that MUST be included within an instruction manual. We create some of the best looking manuals out there!